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Our mission is to help preserve the history of our forebears by aiding in the preservation of artifacts, records, narratives; and other objects of cultural, genealogical, and archaeological interest in order to promote understanding and appreciation of our rich heritage.


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Built in 1908, the house at 100 West Moore Street in Independence, Missouri is the former home of Hollywood screenwriter Lela Owens Rogers. In 1911, her daughter, famed actor and dancer, Ginger Rogers, was born in the home. The city of Independence declared the site an historic landmark in 1994. After significant restoration, the home was opened to the public in 2018 as a local history museum. Visitors will learn about the construction of the home; view period furniture, historical clothing and household goods; and items that personally belonged to previous residents and other prominent citizens associated with this part of Missouri. 

Visit www.OwensRogersMuseum.com for more information.

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